Rental Info

You have up to 24 hours from the time of ticket purchase for a refund. 

To Protect your locker reservation against any unforeseen cancellations or changes, please purchase the insurance Ticket Guardian to your order. 

To file a claim if you are unable to attend please email Ticket Guardian at: https://www.fanshield.com/file-a-claim 

If you did not purchase Ticket Guardian, a refund will not be permitted. You may transfer your locker reservation to any event of equal value. Please email us at Info@mobilecharginglockers.com for assistance. 

If the event is cancelled or changed, a refund will not be issued unless you purchase the insurance, Ticket Guardian. Your locker reservation will automatically be transferred to the new event dates or you may transfer to any event of equal value. 

Bring your government issued drivers license, identification card, or passport to the mobile charging lockers tent at the event for which you purchased a locker. Hand it to our friendly staff. Receive your wristband for your cell-phone charging locker!

Yes and you will receive a wristband, which includes the lock’s combination.

Yes, simply provide a copy of your receipt and ask them to bring a govt issued ID, drivers’ license or passport and we will honor the reservation.

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All that is needed is a govt issued ID, drivers’ license or passport, if the reservation is in your name. If the order was placed under someone else’s name, email us at info@mobilecharginglockers.com, provide the name, mailing address and email address provided on the order, so that we may email the receipt. Simply print the receipt and present it along with your ID to claim the locker.

As much as you want! You have unlimited in and out access to your locker during our hours of operation

Yes, you absolutely can! Although, you can only charge one (1) phone at a time.Accordion Content

Yes, if the locker is rented for 2-3 consecutive days, it is permissible to leave your belongings in the locker overnight

Your receipt is confirmation of your purchase.