The Lockers

Rental Info

Bring your government issued drivers license, identification card, or passport to the mobile charging lockers tent at the event for which you purchased a locker. Hand it to our friendly staff. Receive your wristband for your cell-phone charging locker!

Yes and you will receive a wristband, which includes the lock’s combination.

Yes, simply provide a copy of your receipt and ask them to bring a govt issued ID, drivers’ license or passport and we will honor the reservation.

Yes, you absolutely can! Although, you can only charge one (1) phone at a time.

As much as you want! You have unlimited in and out access to your locker during our hours of operation

Yes, if the locker is rented for 2-3 consecutive days, it is permissible to leave your belongings in the locker overnight

Your receipt is confirmation of your purchase.


Locker Info

Each individual locker is 12” Wide x 18” Deep x 12” High

If we have lockers available, they will be for purchase at the day of the event. They may be a bit more expensive and a lot of the time are unavailable due to selling out online.

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Please, no food, beverages or live animals

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